Zero-Craft Corp. is an experimental and highly collaborative design studio. ZCC engages art and design as highly compatible disciplines and is focused on conceptual craft research as it applies to both art and design.

We established ZCC in rejection of the explicit hierarchy of a traditional “atelier” studio and chose to develop a studio model that is more relational over transactional. The core of our creative output is generated through collaborative workshops with other artists and designers. We invite artists and designers to propose project-based workshops in which we develop a series of design or art objects. Through these workshops, we explore the multidisciplinary processes and procedures of art making and design. The resulting objects are honest representations of a dynamic creative exchange.

With our studio model, we aim to empower our creative community through the exchange of ideas, skills, and elbow grease. Each workshop participant becomes a stakeholder through the design process. Zero-Craft Corp. aspires to serve as a commercial platform through which our collaborators will gain exposure to new audiences. We actively seek opportunities through which to exhibit, promote, and sell the work we produce with our creative partners.