The Baralaye Carafe Set was designed and prototyped through a series of charrettes led by artist Ebitenyefa Baralaye. The forms for our vessels were created with a straightforward methodology and basic ceramic materials. We first constructed molds for each individual vessel. The molds were created with our hands, using slabs of clay and a very intuitive way of manipulating the material. We then proceeded to cast plaster into each clay mold. The resulting forms would become the positive plaster casts for the creation of our master molds.

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The sides of the positive plaster casts were carefully sanded to create a flat geometric profile that would contrast the irregularity of the clay molds. 

The strongest and most dramatic forms were subsequently cast to create the master molds that we currently use for the small-batch production of this product. By emphasizing form, surface and gesture, this product foregrounds the material experimentation that was so integral to our collaborative design process.


Photo credit: PD Rearick at Artography